About Us

Being a leader in the quickly developing sport of volleyball, Katy Elite Volleyball has acquired a massive network of athletes, instructors, club directors, competition, and volleyball enthusiasts all around Katy. This blog community has become a source of information for anybody involved or interested in volleyball.

We’re group of volleyball fans – primarily sporty people which love activities that can help you stay active. A few of us already had professional volleyball career and experienced many years of playing.

This is a blog for those who want to read and share numerous fascinating information, tips and hints regarding volleyball. We have been posting interesting posts to help you out. We want to be a place where volleyball players and enthusiasts can come together to learn and share advice, ideas, experiences, as well as insights. It’s for all who wish to keep developing their skills and also to interact with the coaching peers.

Our Mission

To build up the sport of volleyball for all the players. We accomplish this through providing quality information, tips and ideas and at the same time providing comprehensive programs in competition, event, as well as education.

Our Values

  • Integrity: we give information in a truthful, honest and open manner all the time.
  • Excellence: we’re dedicated to excellence and quality in everything we do. We believe that everybody has the right to develop their own level of excellence.
  • Fairness: we believe in fairness, off and on the court of play.
  • Inclusion: we develop a spirit in which people feel they belong, are respected and appreciated for who they really are.
  • Teamwork: we come together to accomplish common goals.
  • Fun: we believe that everybody must have a fantastic and enjoyable experience through volleyball sports.